GAE System 15

The System 15 is a 2-way system that is fully compatible with the System 12 in its features, but with extended, more powerful bass reproduction. It consists of a bass-reflex-tuned 15" N/DYM bass / midrange driver and a hornloaded 1.4" N/DYM compression driver.

This model is also based on the premise of achieving the highest possible flexibility and adaptability in terms of acoustic and technical characteristics. This concept culminates in the many possibilities of acoustic applications (installation, touring, gala) and the flight-mechanical implementation of architect specific requirements through intelligent enclosure preparation, all this at minimum weight, since all speakers are based on the N/DYM principle. Highest component quality in drivers, filters and enclosures, elegant design according to the motto: "Form follows function".
As with the System 12, the so-called active mode is also available as an option. This concept offers several advantages in practice: For standard applications, this loudspeaker is driven passively in broadband mode (model variant System 15). One more amp channel and there is additional power and control in the bass range for the active controllable version (model System 15a). Due to its enormous speech intelligibility and the increased power and system control provided by the active version, it is predestined for complex sound reinforcement systems in sports arenas, multi-purpose halls, clubs and theatres.
The bass-reflex tuned 15" N/DYM LF driver has a power handling capacity of 400 Watts according to IEC standard 268-5 and is capable of delivering sound pressure levels of up to 128 dB (1 m). It ideally complements the 70 watt 1.4" N/DYM HF compression driver. It is located either on an 80° x 60° (system variant System 15-8) or a 60° x 40° (system variant System 15-6) square horn construction. The horn is handmade from glass fibre laminate and is therefore extremely resistant to mechanical influences.

The cabinet is made of multi-layer glued birch multiplex of the highest quality and sealed with black textured lacquer as standard. Surfaces in other RAL shades are of course available. The front of the loudspeaker and the driver components installed in it are protected by a domed, stable metal grille, which is covered with an opaque acoustic foam from the outside. A different colour tone can also be selected for the acoustic foam.
Features in the overview

  • Stylish unobtrusive design and perfect performance for the best acoustic results
  • Professional audio quality for every installation and live application
  • High flexibility through optional 80° x 60° or 60° x 40° horn
  • Square horn design - 90° rotation possible, so that the radiation pattern can be adapted to the horizontal or vertical Mounting method can be easily adapted
  • Choice of active-activated or passive loudspeaker version
  • Optional bracket for flight or fixed mounting
  • Colour surface according to RAL - Standard is black according to RAL9005
  • Ideal for all fixed installations and mobile applications
  • 15" N/DYM LF driver and 1.4" N/DYM compression driver