GAE Zoom 12

Designed as a low-profile cabinet, the Zoom 12 impresses with its visual elegance and extreme performance: curved lines dominate and continue even in the recessed grips, while high-performance neodymium speakers with 4" voice coils deliver acoustic performance in excess. The uncompromising active control is perfected by detailed parameter tuning.
The stepping characteristics of the Zoom 12 are closely based on practical experience. The special horn contour provides a clearly defined monitoring range, outside the focus range the sound pressure drops evenly. Extreme level reserves due to the use of 4" voice coils in the low and high frequency range open up the highest power range. Particularly strong neodymium magnets and optimized controller parameters for the optimal combination of the loudspeaker drivers ensure excellent dynamics. Due to the special design features of the 12" chassis, low-frequency equalisation in wide ranges is possible without any problems.

The extremely small and easy to carry cabinet impresses by high stability and well-known GAE cabinet quality. Available as left or right version symmetrical set-ups are possible. Above the recessed grips integrated thread holders allow horizontal mounting by means of an optional retaining bracket.
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