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The System 10 is suitable as a main loudspeaker for near field use (also as a monitor wedge with a 45° positioning angle) or as a delay loudspeaker for large sound reinforcement applications. The cabinet is made of multi-layer glued birch plywood and sealed with black textured paint as standard. Surfaces in other RAL colours are of course available. The front of the loudspeaker and the driver components installed there are protected by a stable and ball-proof metal grille, which is covered with an opaque acoustic foam from the outside. The acoustic foam can also be supplied in a different colour. For mobile use, two small inconspicuous recessed grips have been added to the sides of the System 10.

The housing is provided on the side faces with one angle-correcting M8 thread receptacle each for attaching the associated vertical bracket (UB10/v), is also provided with one M10 thread receptacle each on the cover faces, and is provided on the rear with 2 M8 threads for attaching eyebolts for interception. On the bottom surface a stand flange is mounted, which can be exchanged for an M10 threaded plate for the use of the horizontal bracket UB10/h. Two Neutrik Speakon NL4 are available as connections, which are connected according to the circuit diagram on the connection panel.

GAE System 10

The System 10 is a very compact and versatile passive 2-way system. Natural reproduction characteristics, even frequency response over the entire frequency range and a high power handling capacity are the main features of this system. The loudspeaker components are housed in a multifunctional enclosure measuring only 535x330x300mm and radiate the HF sound at an angle of 90° x 50°.

The horn construction is made of metal and is extremely resistant to mechanical influences. The horn's rectangular design allows a 90° rotation, so that the radiation pattern can be easily adjusted to horizontal or vertical mounting. The 10" LF-driver operates in a bass-reflex housing and has a power handling of 200W according to IEC-Norm 268-5. Due to a very high peak power handling, sound pressure levels up to 120dB (1m) can be realized.
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Features in the overview

  • Compact loudspeaker system for full range applications
  • Excellent for medium throw and delay applications
  • Multifunctional housing with a monitor setting angle of 45
  • Extensive optional mounting material
  • Extremely stable housing design
  • 90° x 50° radiation with rectangular horn, 90° rotation possible, so that the radiation pattern can be easily adapted to horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Passive loudspeaker system with 10" LF driver and a 1" horn loaded HF pressure chamber driver
  • Housing colour of your choice - standard is black according to RAL9005