GAE Product Series

GAE designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems for professional and commercial applications for the installation market and the touring industry.

Pro Stage

The different production lines are both for users for whom a particularly inconspicuous monitor is indispensable. And for customers whose touring business relies on easy-to-use technology combined with best-in-class efficiency and maximum sound pressure levels plus reliability. And of course for customers in the fixed installation market whose sound system should be discreet, solid and accepted across a broad user community.

Our sub/low systems provide the appropriate low end with the best SPL/size ratio for all systems. We produce very small and inconspicuous sub/low systems mainly for the installation market and touring sub/low systems up to scalable horn systems with a lower cut-off frequency of approx. 30Hz. Did you know that our 2x18" BR-218 is one of the few that still fits under a standard stage?

We offer the best sound across the entire product range.
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